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Bee Cake

Bee Cake 001

This was my first Gender Reveal Cake and I love how it turned out.  The idea for a gender reveal cake is that the colour on the inside reveals the gender of the baby.
The design for this cake revolved around the phrase “What Will It Bee…Open To See”.  The soon-to-be mother loves bee’s so I went with this idea and ran with it.
One issue that occurred when creating this cake was that I constantly had to worry about making the cake gender neutral.
The coloured flowers had to be equal in number because I did not want to make more of one and have everyone assume that was the gender.  The yellow flowers helped add neutrality but I still felt the need to constantly ask myself is this too girly or boyish enough?
The cake was frosted using buttercream and then detailed using fondant accents.
Each flower was adorned with small hard candies, and had hand painted leafs to add whimsy.
The bird was added as an inside joke (Birds and Bees makes Baby) but also added another whimsical touch.
The two hives were created from individual cakes that were shaped into small beehives and wrapped in fondant rope.
The bees were made from black fondant with yellow stripes.  Initially I had yellow bees with black stripes but the black kept running into the yellow and it just looked messy.
The best part of the bees for me is definitely the wings.  I used a small heart cutter and sprayed them silver, instant wings! 

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