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Blue and White Wedding Cake

Blue and White Wedding Cake 004

Blue and White Wedding Cake 003

This blue and white flower design wedding cake was a challenge.  I wanted the flowers to have a three-dimensional look to add depth to this cake, the problem is finding something which lets the fondant flowers dry and harden while not sticking and that makes each one individual and not perfect.
I have flower forming cups which are great but not for this project because they create a uniform look with each flower having the exact same curve.
What I ended up using was aluminum foil and creating rings with different heights and shapes.  While this worked perfectly in giving me three-dimensional flowers the aluminum foil actually marked up the flowers on the underside, it was fine for this design because you were mostly seeing the flowers from the front the smaller flowers that were wired for the top had a few dings that were barely visible.
The flowers were either blue with a silver centre or white with a blue centre, I created the centre by painting each flower with clear alcohol mixed with luster dust.
The silver centre actually needed to be “dusted” twice to create a dark enough silver.  I accidentally discovered what worked the best was first using the alcohol method and painting the centre letting it dry for about five minutes then dry dusting the powder directly on the still slightly sticky surface.
The dry flowers were then placed on the cake in a sweeping design using royal icing.
The finishing touch was silver curly cues that added just a touch of whimsy.

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