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Flowers and Ladybugs Cake

Sophia Flower Cake 009 Sophia Flower Cake 008 Sophia Flower Cake 007 Sophia Flower Cake 005 Sophia Flower Cake 004 Sophia Flower Cake 002 Sophia Flower Cake 001 Flower and Lady Bugs I loved the idea of making cartoon-like 3D flowers coming off this simple cake.  Each flower was made from two or three single cutouts.  I ended up using a flower fondant cutter and a star.
I loved the look of the star when dried into a 3D shape.  This cake made me laugh from start to finish.
I used liqueur glasses to form the flowers into their 3D shape and this cake was for a little girl.  Using liqueur glasses for a little girl just seemed wrong yet funny.
Also for some reason this cake reminds me of little shop of horrors, which is also funny because, again this cake is for a little girl.
However I love the colours in this cake and the ladybugs add just the right amount of whimsy.