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Hawaiian Hippo

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Third time’s the charm!

So this time around I felt like my hippos needed a vacation and what better place to send them than Hawaii.  I brought back the boy hippo for two reasons, firstly no one wants to vacation alone and secondly who else was going to serenade the birthday girl hippo?

Again like all my designs I try to make as much of the decorations edible as possible.  The cake is surrounded with cookies to imitate the look of a bamboo hut and as an added bonus you get both cake and cookies with this! Everything else is handmade using fondant.  The palm tree trunk is made out of chocolate fondant cut into half circles that wrap around in an alternating pattern starting at the top and working your way down, the result does really look like a palm tree.
The tiki torches are also made from chocolate fondant topped with a yellow fondant flame.  To make these you simply wrap a toothpick with a chocolate fondant log and place a small yellow cone shape on top – instant tiki torch.
The rest of this design, from his tie-dye shirt to her grass skirt, I went as over the top cartoon as I could and filled  it with as many inside jokes as I could!  Keep practicing your ukulele Dan!