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Purple Roses

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For this design they requested two things, the colour purple and roses.  That’s it, and as simple as it sounds this cake was one of the most time consuming designs I have ever attempted.
Each rose is made from anywhere from seven to twelve petals plus the inside “swirl” for lack of a better word.  And each petal is hand rolled and shaped to give each rose a realistic quality and individuality that all roses have.
The centre piece was a 10×4 inch cake completely covered in roses with a few leaves to break up the roses and give the piece some depth.
Then the surrounding cupcakes were each topped with a rose and a leaf to complete the design.
Each rose is finished off with luster dust which is hand painted on the delicate petals using alcohol which evaporated leaving the shine behind.
Also another neat trick is to steam the fondant roses using a fabric steamer which gives the roses a nice wet look.

Purple Flowers 005 Purple Flowers 009