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Superhero Cake

Superhero 006 Superhero 008 Superhero 009 Superhero 010 Superhero 011 Superhero 012When asked to create a superhero cake that included Batman, X-men and Daredevil I was initially stumped but always up for the challenge.
The top tier is dedicated solely to Daredevil as that was this customer’s favourite character.  This tier included his slogan “The Man Without Fear” his logo and his infamous weapon.  With this tier already planned out I went with logos and slogans.
The second tier I split in half, Batman got one side and X-men the other. With the X-men logo I will admit I went with the latest version because spelling out X-men was too big for the design.
Also on the bottom tier I originally intended to include an X-men plane in the sky but it just looked like a strange bird thing so I just went with the Batman light and called the cake done.