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Tree Branches Cake

Tree Branches Wedding Cake 3_Tree Branches Wedding Cake 4_Tree Branches Wedding Cake 5_Tree Branches Wedding Cake

This client only wanted a wedding cake for her and her husband to cut as they were serving cupcakes as the main dessert.
This design followed her invitations which were branches with circles instead of leaves.
I was unhappy with the cake topper which was a LAST MINUTE ADDITION that I DID NOT KNOW ABOUT and is far too big.
This cake is made up of a six and four inch rounds and stood about eight inches tall.  The topper swallows this cake.  It went from being cute and small without the topper to looking dwarfed and undersized with its addition.
Moral of this story when asking for a wedding cake inform the cake designer if there is a cake topper that they want to use before the cake is delivered.