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Tropical Sunset Cake

Hawaiian Sunset 004Hawaiian Sunset 005 This cake was for a small wedding ceremony for a couple that was having a destination wedding at a later date.  I love it when a cake has a meaning for the client and this one was extra special.  The story goes the groom proposed in Hawaii at sunset under a monkey pod tree.  This is the scene the client wanted represented on the cake.
Well that would be easy right? Everyone knows what a sunset looks like and given that this happened in Hawaii I knew to use bright colours and maybe sneak in a hibiscus flower or three.  I had never heard of a monkey pod tree, but I figured a tree is a tree, trunk, branches and leaves  it should be no problem to design.
It turns out a monkey pod tree is a very specific tropical tree that has a very intricate trunk and branches as well as a distinctively shaped canopy.  With this in mind I decided that the best course of action would be to pipe the tree onto the cake rather than attempting to make the tree silhouette out of fondant.
The cake itself was covered with fondant and then hand painted using luster dust and colouring.  After letting this dry I then piped the tree using black royal icing.  Finally I wrapped the base in black fondant to mimic the foreground and give the cake more dimension.  To balance the black base and tree on the cake I then decided to create a “plaque” for the top and use the couple’s initials instead of a traditional cake topper.  I also decided to have the top be blue rather than continue the sunset because I felt it drew more attention to their initials and well as balanced out the blue from the ocean scene.

Hawaiian Sunset 001Hawaiian Sunset 006 Hawaiian Sunset 008 Hawaiian Sunset 014 Hawaiian Sunset 015 Hawaiian Sunset 020 Hawaiian Sunset 024