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Vegetable Garden & Bugs Cake

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Okay I love this cake! 
Some cakes are more enjoyable than others to create; this cake is was fun from start to finish.
This cake was made for my six year old cousin, although she originally wanted “Hello Kitty” I convinced her to let me have my wicked ways and make what I wanted.
My idea was to create a garden cake and make the vegetables out of candy, the rest of the decoration was made out of fondant.  I loved the idea of having the “yummy part” of the cake decorations be the vegetables.
The vegetables ideas come from the “Hello Cupcake” book which has some really cute designs.
The pea pods are made out of green M&M’s and lime tootsie roll, the carrots are orange and lime tootsie roll, the radish is cherry, lime and vanilla tootsie roll and finally the lettuce is once again lime tootsie roll.
Unlike fondant when sculpting with candy such as tootsie rolls they are extremely sticky and does not keep its shape as well as fondant figures, however when making objects such as vegetables having everything not be quite so perfect actually can be beneficial.
The bugs were made of fondant; there were snails, ladybugs, bees, dragonflies and caterpillars.
What I discovered this time around was that the bigger you make a bugs eyes the cuter they become!
Also another neat discovery is that if you take a Wilton flower stamen and cut it in half you have instant antenna for the bugs.
The cake was covered in buttercream and then I added some piping designs to add depth to the solid green walls.
On the top of the cake and around the bottom edge I placed cookie crumbs which acted as dirt.  And just like a real garden the grass at the top was needed to keep the dirt in.
The flowers were also made of fondant using a variety of cutters and colours.

PS: for those of you that thought I was mean to not make what she initially wanted, I did in fact make her one special “Hello Kitty” cupcake, she liked the cake more!

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