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Water Lily Cake

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This Water Lily Cake was made using buttercream, fondant and candy melts and a whole lot of patience.
Each petal was made by painting candy melts on the back of a spoon.
The problem I have when working with either chocolate or candy melts is I have “hot hands” so everything melts much faster in my hands.
The other problem with making petals is that because they are delicate they break, a lot, and easily.
So what to do with tons of broken petals well, if you look closely you will notice I used the broken petals on the inside of the flowers (I felt it was a happy accident and just went with it).
Also I wanted each lily to be unique, the pink one had white candy melts painted on the bottom edge of each petal and one of the reds was hand painted with yellow.
The final touch was silver sugar balls to represent the stamen.